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January 13, 2020



The sales process is evolving.

With more and more information available to consumers at their fingertips, needs are met almost instantly.   Your sales approach needs to shift from "this is what my company can do for you" to "what would you need from a company a like mine?"  Taking the time to truly understand what a prospective client needs requires great dialogue and active listening.   It requires relationship.

1.  Create the connection with the customer

Not a "meeting" per say, but a connection.   Actively interested in their business, their passions, their pain points.

2.  Understand the customers needs

You may feel you have the perfect pitch for this client, but you need to ask them what they need from you.

3. Address the customers needs

"So if I'm understanding you correctly, you are needing __________?"

4.  Close the customer

Ask for the business.  If you have the ability to meet their needs, ask for the business.  If you don't, they won't give it to you.

5.  Establish/Maintain a sustainable customer relationship

water this relationship, feed it, nurture it.   Prove to them that they matter.  

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Monday, January 13, 2020


Sean Lewis