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January 30, 2019

Back to the Basics with Restoration Sales – Foundational Success


Back to the Basics with Restoration Sales – Foundational Success

It's a Failure in Training

The one thing I’ve noticed while traveling all over the country and mentoring sales teams is that leaders all over the country have no problem setting goals. But they fail in training. They offer very little time to develop the people who are out chasing these goals and then they provide a stressful, chaotic, and uninspiring culture for those people to work in.  

From the top down, this is not how their organization looks to them.

Does this mentality sound familiar?

“You put a number out there and it’s everyone’s job to make it happen, right?”
“I hired talented people with a proven track record for success, I don’t have to do anything with them, right?”  
“Make this business successful…or else, right?”  


It’s a no wonder that your business is stagnant or dormant and leadership is stuck in a meeting at the end of the year trying to explain why there was no growth. They have an underperforming sales team and nobody seems happy…they seem to be walking around on eggshells. Get back to the basics ladies and gentlemen, growth comes from having a strong foundation of the basics. You can’t build the 2nd and 3rd stories of a building without a strong foundation. If your foundation is made on sand…it will crumble—EVERY TIME!

Three Things

Do these 3 things consistently this year, annually, quarterly, monthly, even weekly, and YOU WILL GROW.  

A – Goals

Set goals that are attainable for your team….they can be lofty, but break them down until they seem realistic to your team. If they believe they can get them, they will.  

B – Development

You always have to ask yourself, “Did I provide them with ALL the tools they need to be successful?” Most of the time that answer is no. Educate, develop, train, role play, repeat…until they are subject matter experts. This is a complex and diverse industry, you cannot throw talent to the wolves and expect them to sink or swim.

Educate, develop, train, role play, repeat.  

C – Culture

Simply stated, ask yourself this question everyday: “Would I want to get up every day and work for me?” Provide an environment that is inspiring, success driven, motivational, educational, challenging and rewarding. Make this a place you would WANT to work at every day; have your team so fulfilled that they don’t want to work anywhere else.

Culture breeds success or failure, what type of culture are you providing?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Eddie Green