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August 26, 2019



The true test of a champion is what you do when you’re down.  

For the first time in your life, or the millionth time in your life, you take one right on the chin…you see stars, see the blood, feel the pain, and you want nothing more than to stay down for the 10 count.   The difference between sales professionals and ultra high performers are the ultra high performers keep getting back up.  Why?  Because life doesn’t win.    Adversity is welcomed.   Pain lets you know you’re alive.   Defeat is not in their vocabulary.   I have been through some very painful situations, many because of my own choices, many were blindsides, many were because I should have turned left instead of right.   I can lay there and wallow in self pity and shifted blame.   I can choose to be an excuse instead of a solution.  I can let the game of life and circumstances dictate my future.   Or I can look all of it in the eye, realize what’s important, learn a lesson from a hard truth, and move on.    I know that this may sound melodramatic.   But sales is a tough racket…you face negativity in over 90% of your day, each and every day.  It’s a no wonder that there is a high turnover margin and the cream truly rises to the top.   No other job faces that frequent negativity on a regular basis.   The difference between the mediocre and the winners, are the ones that find a way to win.   Expect objections, expect them to say no, be prepared, educated, informative, and make so much sense…they can’t say no.  They say “not yet”.  That’s what no means to me in sales.    I may have lost the battle, but I didn’t lose the war.   I’ll be back, with a better angle, a better way of listening to their needs.   A better person for them.

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Monday, August 26, 2019


Eddie Green