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September 23, 2019

Different From Your Competitors


Do you want an edge in sales?

Then as silly and simple as this may sound, very few sales people really take the time to do this.  Differentiate yourself from your competition.   Restoration sales professionals all do the same thing....walk in to a place of business with their white flag of surrender in their hand (their card or flyer) and say "Hi...I work for ______, we do fire, water, mold...we would love for you to refer work to us".


Do your pre-call planning, know your client, who you're going to need to speak with, and have your open ended, dialogue inciting questions ready, and be confident in your approach.   If you're truly passionate that you provide the best service over anyone else, why would you not be tenacious about getting in front of the right person to show them why you're different?!?!?!?!  By just being a servant minded, all about their needs, care as much about their business as they do, would be a great start.

You can forever be mediocre, or you can change the world.  You pick.

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Monday, September 23, 2019


Eddie Green