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August 30, 2021

Should I Hire A Digital Marketing Company Even If I Have Marketing Reps?


Hi! My name is Madison Hood and I’m a new Social Media Specialist at Tier Level. Before I relocated to Phoenix, AZ in July, I worked as a Marketing Support Coordinator at a local SERVPRO for 3 years. I want to chat a little bit about why it’s important to hire a digital marketing company even if you have marketing reps.

I encourage you to look at sales and marketing as two totally different concepts, because they are! Your Marketing Reps are focused on face-to-face sales, their main goal is to build relationships with clients. On the other hand, social media marketing and SEO are both essential tools to build your individual franchise online brand. Sales and marketing often work together, but it’s nearly impossible for a Marketing Rep to focus on their clients while simultaneously fully optimizing your social media presence. When you hire a digital marketing company they can manage your online presence so your marketing reps can focus on building those relationships and bring in agent referrals.

So, it’s possible you’re reading this and you already have a Marketing Support Coordinator who handles your social media, among a myriad of other tasks. You might ask, “why would I need digital media help, I already have that covered?”

Well, I can speak from experience here. When I was pounding the pavement as a Marketing Support Coordinator, having Tier Level on our team was a necessity. Here’s the thing — and I learned this in that role — digital marketing is a team effort. The experts at Tier Level gave me the team support that I needed to thrive in my position and their work freed me up so I could spend my time at marketing events, client meetings and in the field capturing photo and video content.

At Tier Level we do not just have “expert marketers,” we have experts in the different disciplines of marketing: SEO, website development, social media, graphic design, video editing, copywriting, etc. As the only digital marketing person on staff at my previous job, having Tier Level was a game changer for us. They helped me learn and grow as a marketer and brought our online presence to another level.

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Monday, August 30, 2021


Madison Hood