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February 4, 2019

3 Unfortuante Mistakes Disaster Restoration Companies Make About Sales and Marketing


3 Unfortunate Mistakes Disaster Restoration Companies Make About Sales and Marketing

As I speak with hundreds of Disaster Restoration Companies each year I keep seeing many critical mistakes made year in and year out. Below are my observations.

1. Marketing is not Sales:

Too many times I see owners group together marketing and sales. This creates confusion between the two. Sales should be a pivotal lifeblood for any organization. Mark Cuban has said many times, “Sales Cure All.” Many professionals or so called professionals spend their day in a respected territory riding around passing out business cards and brochures.

When has this ever worked?

They join networking groups but fail to execute on bottom line revenue. It is critical to make sure that business owners focus on creating a unique sales strategy that is not only touching specific points of contact, but offering educational value that drives deeper relationships. A detailed marketing plan needs to be created and executed for sponsoring events, proper branding, and utilizing all advertising channels, such as digital marketing and print.

2. Selling Instead of Educating:

Many companies I see are still hung up on presenting the features, advantages and benefits of “why” others should work with their company. Instead, more time needs to be focused on education. Educate on things that spark interest and benefits for the businesses that you are soliciting to work with. Think about this, every time you want a new product or service are you looking for the company that has sold you something or the company you view has the most trusted knowledge.

When you become the educational provider in your local market your business is more valuable and your customers perspective of your organization changes.

3. Going Through the Motions Online:

Companies too often ignore the true value of the internet and what it can do for their business. It is no secret, consumers are using search and social media to find answers daily. Is your company striking through the clutter to make sure you are the most visible choice? Even if you work with a digital marketing company, how much are you investing of your own time as an owner, or sales professional, to answer commonly asked questions? This needs to be done on all fronts, including, written text, photos, and most importantly videos.

These are just three of the most common weaknesses that I have observed. I can promise you if you start to put focus on these areas, you will see drastic improvements for your bottom line over time.

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Monday, February 4, 2019


Sean Lewis