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July 15, 2019

You Can’t Afford Not To Hire A Digital Marketing Firm


When things get tight, people are looking to cut costs.  

What is one of the first avenues they look at?  Marketing.   Most business owners view marketing as a bleed on resources.   Why would I spend money on giveaways, events, television, radio, and internet advertising?   Branding can keep you afloat in the hard times.   Without name recognition, you are depending on your sales team to solely drive revenue.   Just look at their reach and frequency capabilities.   If they don’t take a day off, sick day, or vacation day, and touch 10 potential clients each and every day, they are capable of getting to 2,680 people in a year.   A YEAR.   That’s 1/4 of a decent sized neighborhood.   Your branding and marketing can hit that in 10 seconds.  

But why is digital marketing, done correctly, so effective?  

Because simply stated, it is the most cost effective, inexpensive and effective sales rep you can hire.   Period.   Digital marketing should be the last thing you cut, right before you close your doors for good.  You have a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, client coaches, executives, etc… writing content, boosting content, and working constantly on your accounts to ensure you have the visibility necessary to be successful in the lean times.   Targeting specific potential clients and being strategic and deliberate in your market.   Your success determines their success, so therefore, they are working hard, even when maybe your sales team is not.   Plain black and white statistics show that companies who use digital marketing firms have for more revenue than those who do not.   It’s an integral component to your growth and success.   This is a digital world, so work with an agency that knows how to keep you in the public eye.

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Monday, July 15, 2019


Eddie Green