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March 7, 2019

Your Rude Employees are Costing your Company Money!!!!


Your rude employees are costing your company money!!!!

Millennial Mayhem

Yesterday I walked in to a retail store. As I approached the counter the person at the register shot me a look as if I was interrupting some important life moment.

I smiled and waited.

After a few moments he finally huffed at me, "Is there something I can help you with?"  

I proceeded to ask him a question about a product I had seen online. Before I could finish my question he interrupted me, ”we can't guarantee that anything you saw online will be in this store; I suggest you just order it online and save yourself the hassle."  

I told him I understand, but I'd like to show him the product to see if it was in fact in store so I could look at the quality and get a better sense of the item. His response, after rolling his eyes, "Just order it online, then you’ll get what you want."  

So, as pissed as I was (because I don't tolerate rude behavior, especially from this snot nosed millennial who has obviously lost the art of interpersonal communication), I turned, walked out of the store and went down the street to a competitor. I received a much different rep, a little older, more seasoned and much better at customer service. I bought $3000 worth of stuff from him; his name was Jackie, he was a great guy.

Who Needs Who?

Now before you jump me about my millennial comment, I get it, that was one bad apple. I’ve had bad customer service from every generation. But this is the point, people have lost sight of something very important.


Everyone has thousands of competitors to choose from now. You the consumer should never be treated as an intrusion or a bother …unless it's you that's the jackass and that's a different story.

Where have the days gone when a waitress and a diner would banter, or, the days when someone would actually be genuinely concerned that the service they provide is the best they can possibly give to a customer? To educate them on their needs and on the products they are considering, to smile and genuinely ask, "How are YOU today?” Customer service is difficult and you deal with people who are awful, but do you even care to find out why?  

Customer service is a lost art.  

Do Something Now

Rude employees run rampant in today's society and they are costing your company thousands of valuable dollars. In my run-in with the millennial earlier, it cost that company $3,000.    

Take time to genuinely invest yourself in the customer’s experience. Ask yourself the basic human question, ”Would I want to do business with me?” It requires work, but that's what you're paid to do.  #revelationmoment  

Because you don't own the company doesn't mean you don't represent them. Take pride in being the best at what you do. If customer service makes you miserable then find another freaking job!!!!  

If you don't take care of your clients...someone else will.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019


Eddie Green